Unicorn Mining: month 9. Huge profits again.

March results for the risky part of the “Unicorn Mining” portfolio.

💲 Total invested: $1600
✅ Current balance: $76 230 (as of April 1, 2021)
📆 Duration: 9 months

Unicorn Mining: month 9. Huge profits again.

🔸 #exit and #investments

There was only one speculative deal in Blank cryptocurrency in a month, with the help of which we doubled our ETH reserve.

Bought Blank at $0.793.
Sold Blank for $1.69.

Blank is currently trading at $4.35 and I know that there are people in our community who still hold it. I can congratulate people with profit!

💲 #deposit

There were no new deposits this month.

In the table, I once again took into account the dividend rewards from Flow staking.


During the month, portfolio added +69.54% ($44 963 -> $76 230). Over the same period, cryptocurrency capitalization increased by +29.5%, while the price of bitcoin rose by +30.35%. Distant altcoins and new coins continue to outperform the market. Flow tokens are now counted with a discount of -70%. And we once again broke the absolute record: the portfolio added a significant $31,267.

🦄 We can safely write down three portfolio positions in new Unicorns!

#UNICORN №3: Helium, tokens were bought for $1.6 in November 2020. The current price is $16.2 and the capitalization is $1.23B.

#UNICORN №4: Arweave, tokens were bought for $3.25 in August 2020. The current price is $27.06 and the capitalization is $1.18B.

#UNICORN N5: Algorand, tokens were bought at $0.55 in January 2021. The current price is $1.4 and the capitalization is $3.65B (the capitalization has grown not only due to the price increase, but also due to the appearance of new coins).

Also, Flow will soon get here, as the coin is already balancing at around $1B in capitalization, but for now we will postpone the assignment of the Unicorn status to it.

Top 10 Coins Selected Early March (February Coins)

  1. Vaiot (+469%) — a system of virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence. Conducted SHO at DAO Maker.
  2. CryptoTask (+385%) is a freelance platform using smart contracts. A practical case of using smart contracts, but so far a weak implementation.
  3. Alchemix (+338%) — synthetic stablecoins on Ethereum with built-in tokenized returns.
  4. SuperFarm (+148%) — DeFi cross-chain protocol using NFT for organizing farming without programming.
  5. Mask Network (+144%) — a private shell on top of existing social networks. It works on Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to privately exchange messages, send cryptocurrencies, and store data in a decentralized manner.
  6. Vesper Finance (+134%) — DeFi platform for generating returns on cryptocurrency assets.
  7. AntiMatter (+114%) — decentralized derivatives protocol on Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot. “Polarized tokens” are derivative assets of the protocol.
  8. Tapmydata (+97%) is a personal data storage system and a way to make money on this information.
  9. Raydium (+86%) — DeFi platform in the Solana and Serum ecosystems. Trade, swaps, pools, farming.
  10. Public Mint (+67%) is a platform for tokenizing fiat currencies. As a result, we get synthetic fiat, which functions on the Ethereum blockchain.

For March, I reviewed all new coins, I saw the opportunity to enter only in Blank.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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