Unicorn Mining: month 8. Huge profits.

February results for the risky part of the “Unicorn Mining” portfolio.

Unicorn Mining: month 8. Huge profits.

💲 Total invested: $1600
✅ Current balance: $44 963 (as of March 1, 2021)
📆 Duration: 8 months

🔸 # exit
For February, positions were fixed:

Unilend (sold 50% of the initial investment at 2.8x, after my sale the price increased 3 times more, for this we just have the second part of tokens).

Lotto (I claimed an airdrop for holding the Upfiring tokens, taking into account all fees it turned out to be 0.18 ETH).

Polkastarter (completely exited the project at 8.86x, since the price seemed too high already + it is difficult to get into their lotteries).

FastSwap (fixed a speculative trade at exactly 3x, limit orders at 1inch helped a lot in this matter).

🆕 # investments

Lukso (now 286% profit position): project in a long HODL.

Falconswap (now the position is at a loss by -38%): I bought it for the IDO idea, but somehow I missed it in all IDOs and sank in price. We continue to hold for now.

💲 # deposit

According to the plan, I added $200, which was immediately invested in LYXE tokens.

In the table, I took into account the dividend rewards from Flow staking, they are relatively large to neglect.


During the month, the portfolio added +163.23% ($ 17 005 -> $ 44 763, portfolio value excluding the deposit). Over the same period, cryptocurrency capitalization increased by +40.38%, while the price of bitcoin increased by +32.05%. The distant alts showed themselves very well, despite the impressive correction in the last days of February (there was a day when the portfolio sank by -20%). Flow tokens are now calculated with a discount of -80%. In absolute terms, we broke the record in January, and this is such a generous market. I repeat for the tenth time: diversification, risk management, long-term planning are the pillars of our investments. We continue to act according to plan and without fuss&fomo.

5 new alts that I selected for monitoring in February and which showed the best dynamics (the result from a potential purchase, when the coin hit the radar, to the current price is shown in brackets):

NFTX Hashmasks Index (+114.8%) — index token on Hashmasks. The index is created through the NFTX platform. If you do not want to understand in detail in Hashmasks, but believe that such digital art will grow in price, then you can buy a similar index.

Crowns (+114.6%) is a native token of the Seascape gaming platform. Seascape is built around DeFi and NFT. The project held SHO on DAO Maker, and also raised funds from funds several times including Binance.

DAO Maker (+ 99.5%) is a platform for launching new projects and marketing campaigns for them. A very hype project, which, in my humble opinion, is now extremely overrated. In the Russian-speaking audience they are known under the proud name “dogs”. They introduced a new term to the market — SHO.

Secret (+67.2%) is a decentralized network for private computing. Nodes perform operations on encrypted data. The project was still listed in October, and now an ERC-20 synthetic token has appeared for the native token of the network.

MAPS (+49.7%) — maps for travelers. They suddenly decided to implement cryptocurrency wallets and even DeFi services. The project raised $50m from funds and held an IEO on crypto exchanges. Token is on the Solana network.

It’s amazing that our portfolio has surpassed all of these projects. Thanks to Flow, Lukso, Avalanche, Zeroswap, Polkastarter, TrustSwap and our other gems. Algorand temporarily became a unicorn, but then the price adjusted. For the purity of our experiment, we will postpone for now with the introduction of ALGO to unicorns.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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