Unicorn Mining: month 6. 2020 year results.

Investing in new cryptocurrencies from Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

Investment results of 2020 for the cryptocurrency portfolio “Unicorn Mining”

Unicorn Mining: month 6. 2020 year results.

💲 Total invested: $1200
✅ Current Balance: $7055 (as of January 1, 2021)
📆 Duration: 6 months

🔸 #exit
For December, positions were fixed for:

Libertas (+ 31.8%)
TokenPocket (+ 5.1%)
Alliance Block (+ 305.4%)
Uniswap (sold the rest of the airdrop for the current account)
Mirror Protocol (airdrop was sold immediately after being claimed)

🆕 #investments

Polkastarter (now profit position +114%): tokens were purchased at the beginning of December for future token sales. The project team launched a direct pipeline of fairly strong IDOs. I continue to hold POLS.

Kambria (now the position is in the red by -19%): I bought tokens at a discount on Polkastarter, but in the end I didn’t manage to hand them over with a premium, the market quickly leveled prices. With any local pump (if any) I’m going to sell.

The Graph (now the position is in the red by -15%): tokens have already been staked, I highly value the project for a long time. Safe “HODL” for several years.

💲 #deposit

According to the plan, I added $200, which were immediately invested in GRT tokens.


Over the month, our portfolio added “modest” +9.59% ($6255 -> $6855, portfolio value excluding the deposit). During the same period, the capitalization of the entire market increased by +33.46%, while the price of bitcoin rose by +47.96%. Another shock month for top cryptocurrencies and challenging enough for distant alts! Our result is once again inferior to the market, but in terms of the overall result we remain better than BTC (if all deposits were invested simply in BTC, then by the end of the year there would be $3014 in bitcoins on the account). All deals can be tracked on the “Deals” sheet in the Google Tab.

10 new alts that I selected for monitoring in December and which showed the best dynamics (the result from a potential purchase, when the coin hit the radar, to the current price is shown in brackets):

IDLE (+86%) is a platform for automating and optimizing DeFi returns.

Yield App (+59%) — DeFi aggregator for investors.

MobileCoin (+58%) is a cryptocurrency with fast and private transactions.

Wrapped Crescofin (+51%) — a wrapper for CRES tokens, which in turn represent a stake in CrescoFin.

Badger DAO (+32%) is a group of individuals that is going to introduce bitcoin into DeFi and do it in the most open way without centralized custodians.

Bonfida (+29%) — “Serum GUI and the best source for Serum analytics and APIs”.

Terra Virtua (+26%) is an NFT platform with VR elements where digital objects can be in 3D.

DEUS Coinbase IPO Futures (+23%)

Decentral Games (+23%) is a virtual casino in the Decentraland universe.

Mirror Protocol (+15%) — a synthetic asset protocol, “mirror tokens” are created based on underlying assets.

In general, the year ended in a very positive way! According to the plan, we had to invest $1200 (which was done), which in 6 months should have increased to $1283. In fact, at the end of the year we have $7055, that is, we are moving ahead of schedule. There are still periods of great turbulence ahead (we work in the most risky market and in the most risky part of it). We are morally preparing for strong drawdowns, although, in my humble opinion, the alts have not shown themselves yet, the bitcoin dominance continues to be at a high level. A number of alts (not all, as it was 3 years ago) can grow very strongly. I hope that we will take 2–3 such coins as well.

✅ We fix the results and new coins in the Google Table.

✅ Do you want to participate in private deals on early stages with me? Follow this bot please.

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Tokenomic Researcher and CryptoDealFlow author

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Aleksandr Cryptoved

Aleksandr Cryptoved

Tokenomic Researcher and CryptoDealFlow author

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