Unicorn Mining: month 5. One transaction: UNI -> HNT.

Aleksandr Cryptoved
3 min readDec 1, 2020


November results for the risky part of the “Unicorn Mining” portfolio.

Unicorn Mining: month 5. One transaction: UNI -> HNT.

💲 Total invested: $1000
✅ Current balance: $6255
📆 Duration: 5 months

🔸 # exit + 🆕 # investments

200 UNI tokens of the Uniswap decentralized exchange were sold. With the proceeds, I bought 462 HNT IoT tokens from the Helium project. The price of HNT has dropped by 11%, so there is an opportunity to purchase these tokens even cheaper.

💲 # deposit

I did not add new funds to the portfolio. We hit the target as we were going to add $200 of new investments monthly on average. In July and August, the plan was exceeded. Now everything is clear according to the plan: in the 5th month, $1000 should be invested in the portfolio, and we came to this.


During the month, portfolio gained +28.7% ($ 4860 -> $ 6255). That is good enough for a portfolio of new coins. The capitalization of the entire market for the same period increased by +44%, and the price of bitcoin rose by +41.3%. Shock month for top cryptocurrencies! For many distant alts, the month turned out to be difficult, while some also skyrocketed in price. Our result is inferior to the market, but if $200 were simply invested in bitcoin over the past 5 months, then $1000 would turn into $1826 now. Of course, this is also super profitable in such a short period of time, but we are still better. All deals can be tracked on the “Deals” sheet in the Google Tab.

10 new alts that I selected for monitoring in November and which showed positive dynamics:

Freeway Token is a token of the AuBit trading and investment platform (I bought FWT outside of our experiment, since there was such an opportunity for holders of TrustSwap tokens, with the second batch it will already be possible to break even or a small plus).

Dvision Network is an ecosystem of VR content with ERC-20 Dvision Tokens.

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency game with Axie pets, which are presented in the form of tokens.

zLOT is a staking protocol built on top of the optional Hegic protocol, both work over the Ethereum blockchain

Alpaca is a cryptocurrency pet game in the form of NFT.

Conflux Token is a native token of the Chinese blockchain startup Conflux Network.

CyberFi is DeFi automation tools with a friendly user interface.

Dtube is a decentralized Youtube.

Unifi Protocol is a DeFi platform for multiple blockchains.

Kira Network is a protocol that allows staked assets to be liquidated by issuing synthetic tokens.

I hope that the market will please us in the New Year too! We continue our experiment “Unicorn Mining”, where every month we invest a small amount of funds in new cryptocurrencies.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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