Unicorn Mining: month 4. First unprofitable month.

October results for the risky part of the unicorn mining portfolio:

Unicorn Mining: month 4. First unprofitable month.

💲 Total invested: $1000
✅ Current balance:: $4860
📆 Duration: 4 months

🔸 # exit
Completely exited the UniCrypt token. ROI investment =+ 281.2%. Also, a 75% investment refund took place on Alliance Block.

💲 # deposit
$200 are added in portfolio in October.

🆕 # investments

Polkadot — The refund from Alliance Block went to the largest infrastructure project. DOT tokens can be held for a long time.

Zeroswap — ZEE tokens were bought with new funds, a DEX aggregator with zero fees and liquidation mining. Development for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Elrond blockchains is already underway. The token is trading below the price of one of the private rounds. After our purchase, it dropped by another 21%, so now you can buy it even more profitably.
From the September balance sheet estimate decreased by about 30%. Of course, such a risky portfolio will be subject to strong fluctuations. You need to be prepared for such drawdowns. This is normal for a portfolio that consists from new alts only(just remember that this is just one of the portfolios, do not store all your cryptocurrency assets and especially all assets in it). There are still many profitable and unprofitable months ahead, as these are risky investments, and not bonds or deposits in a bank.

So far, we are ahead of the plan, according to which at the end of October we should have $836 in our account with $800 invested.

Our selection of new coins in October includes 31 cryptocurrencies. Only 7 assets are trading in positive territory (from the moment they were included in the sample to the current date), all the rest have gone negative. This is already the second month in a row, which indicates a strong pressure on the alts.

7 new alts that performed well during the observed period:

Starname is a project from the Cosmos ecosystem that turns long blockchain addresses into readable names.

Hermez Network Token is a layer-2 solution for the Ethereum network that uses zk-rollups.

MobieCoin is a payment system, wallet and exchange.

RAMP is a protocol that allows staked assets to be made “partially liquid” by issuing synthetic coins on their basis (in this case, rUSD)

BoringDAO is a protocol for creating synthetic assets based on 200% collateral (base asset 100% + BOR tokens) controlled by DAO through multisig.

Dark Energy Crystals is the internal currency of the Splinterlands card game.

Keep3rV1 is a freelance platform for developers with LP tokens paid for work, a project by Andre Cronje.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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