Unicorn Mining: month 18. Finish.

Aleksandr Cryptoved
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All good things come to the end. Our risky portfolio turned 18 months old at the end of 2021. And I made the decision to take stock of this portfolio and resume it from scratch. Initially, I planned to reach $150,000 in 10 YEARS, investing $200 monthly in distant altcoins. Unfortunately or fortunately, this goal was achieved in 17 months and held in the 18th month. I have shown in practice that systematic, regular and deliberate investments make wonders. It turned out very quickly, but clearly.

Results in numbers

💲 Total invested: $3400
✅ Current balance: $194,947 (as of December 31, 2021)
📆 Duration: 1 year and 6 months

For December, previously unaccounted rewards for Flow staking were calculated, there were no new deals or additional investments.

In December, we dropped by -24.16%. It’s been a tough month for altcoins. The capitalization of the entire market in December fell by -15.32%, while BTC lost -18.75%. With our “rocket” bag we are always ahead of the market: we grow faster, we fall faster. And this time we met expectations again.

If we talk about the general results for 18 months, then I will summarize them with interesting metrics:

  1. In total, 72 transactions were made (some of them were airdrops or staking rewards): 4 transactions per month on average. You don’t need to be an active trader to grow your portfolio.
  2. During the period, there were purchases and sales of 35 assets: 15 transactions were closed completely with a profit and 2 transactions were closed completely with a loss. At the end of the year, there were 18 open positions: 15 of them in positive territory and 3 in negative territory.
  3. During all this time, I ran into only 1 scam, which was written off completely. Ironically, this was the first open trade.
  4. 6 unicorns were mined (the purchase was made at a level far from $1 billion in terms of capitalization, but then the project began to cost more than $1 billion in coins in circulation): Arweave, Algorand, The Graph, Avalanche, Helium, Flow.
  5. More than 100x received on two assets: Avalanche (180x) + CEEK (114x). Flow formally scored 98.5x with a partial fixation of staking rewards.
  6. Over 10x received for 9 assets. To the previous 3 you need to add: Antiample, Arweave, NKN, TrustSwap, DUSK and Helium.
  7. If I only invested in BTC, then taking into account the prices during the periods of deposits, I would be able to accumulate 0.15317165 BTC. At the end of 2021, this is equal to approximately $7,094, a little more than 2x in dollars.
  8. Out of 18 months, 4 months turned out to be unprofitable. In the worst month, a loss of -37.86% was received, and in the best month, a profit of 307.01% was recorded (this was the first month, thanks for low start).
  9. May and June 2021 turned out to be unprofitable months, as a result, in June there was the most severe drawdown for the portfolio in the amount of -59.53%. Yes, cryptocurrencies are for risk tolerant investors. Even with such a rapid overall growth, it was not possible to avoid sharp falls.
    On the graph, the portfolio dynamics by month is as follows:
Portfolio Value by 18 months: July 2020 — December 2021

Someone will say that I’m a lucky. Yes, I do not deny it. There is a share of luck in such a rapid growth of the portfolio: I was lucky with the market phase and, in general, with the targeted selection of assets. But again, my goal was to show the power of compound interest and regular portfolio investments. In theory, people in “Fiat world” spend their lives to see “this miracle” in practice. And also it does not always work out, because they act thoughtlessly or simply external uncontrollable circumstances develop against them. Cryptocurrencies are showing us the power of investment at an accelerated rate. Initially, I hoped to reduce the life span of an ordinary investor from 30 years (usually for about this period people make financial plans) to 10 years, but it still turned out much faster.

The second portfolio based on the same strategy will be opened in the near future, let’s start from scratch. I will try to show for the second time in practice how you can grow financially through regular investments without active trading. I think that this time the experiment will drag on for a longer time (although, of course, I will not refuse to get repeated 57x in a year and a half).

The results are recorded in a Google table.

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