Unicorn Mining: month 18. Finish.

Results in numbers

💲 Total invested: $3400
✅ Current balance: $194,947 (as of December 31, 2021)
📆 Duration: 1 year and 6 months

  1. In total, 72 transactions were made (some of them were airdrops or staking rewards): 4 transactions per month on average. You don’t need to be an active trader to grow your portfolio.
  2. During the period, there were purchases and sales of 35 assets: 15 transactions were closed completely with a profit and 2 transactions were closed completely with a loss. At the end of the year, there were 18 open positions: 15 of them in positive territory and 3 in negative territory.
  3. During all this time, I ran into only 1 scam, which was written off completely. Ironically, this was the first open trade.
  4. 6 unicorns were mined (the purchase was made at a level far from $1 billion in terms of capitalization, but then the project began to cost more than $1 billion in coins in circulation): Arweave, Algorand, The Graph, Avalanche, Helium, Flow.
  5. More than 100x received on two assets: Avalanche (180x) + CEEK (114x). Flow formally scored 98.5x with a partial fixation of staking rewards.
  6. Over 10x received for 9 assets. To the previous 3 you need to add: Antiample, Arweave, NKN, TrustSwap, DUSK and Helium.
  7. If I only invested in BTC, then taking into account the prices during the periods of deposits, I would be able to accumulate 0.15317165 BTC. At the end of 2021, this is equal to approximately $7,094, a little more than 2x in dollars.
  8. Out of 18 months, 4 months turned out to be unprofitable. In the worst month, a loss of -37.86% was received, and in the best month, a profit of 307.01% was recorded (this was the first month, thanks for low start).
  9. May and June 2021 turned out to be unprofitable months, as a result, in June there was the most severe drawdown for the portfolio in the amount of -59.53%. Yes, cryptocurrencies are for risk tolerant investors. Even with such a rapid overall growth, it was not possible to avoid sharp falls.
    On the graph, the portfolio dynamics by month is as follows:
Portfolio Value by 18 months: July 2020 — December 2021



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Aleksandr Cryptoved

Aleksandr Cryptoved

Tokenomic Researcher and CryptoDealFlow author