Unicorn Mining: month 14. $100k — done!

Aleksandr Cryptoved
2 min readSep 3, 2021


And another profitable month: the portfolio added +75.15%

Unicorn Mining: month 14. $100k — done!

August results:

$ Total invested: $2800
✅ Current balance: $100 572 (as of September 1, 2021)
📆 Duration: 14 months

Unicorn Mining: month №14


+$200 for August


Sold part of the FLOW staking rewards in the amount of 50 tokens for $22.18 including fees.


I bought Gamestarter tokens with the proceeds from Flow and deposit at an effective price of $0.605. The main idea of this purchase — ​​future sales of game artifacts in the form of NFT. As of September 3, tokens are trading at $0.97. So, we are already in profit. And NFT sales are just ahead.

In the table, I once again took into account the dividend rewards from Flow staking.


During the month, portfolio grew by +75.15% ($57,307 -> $100,372, excluding the $200 deposit). Over the same period, cryptocurrency capitalization increased by +28.06%, while the bitcoin price added +13.52%. We are growing faster than the market. I warn you: we will also fall faster than the market! Everything is as usual. This is the strategy for this portfolio.

Flow tokens are now calculated with a discount of -20%. For the first time we have passed the $100k mark! At the same time, only $2800 was invested, fantastic results in such a short period of time. According to my modest plans, we had to overcome the $100k mark only in the 9th year of investment😁This is such a generous crypto in our time. We will start the experiment again soon if we overcome $150k.

From the “August list on Coingecko” 8 coins show growth since the moment they were monitored:

DeRace (+369%)
Tokemak (+202%)
Only1 (+61%)
Gamestarter (+43%)
DeFine (+16%)
Lithium Finance (+15%)
NFT Starter (+1%)
Efinity (+1%)

If we had invested in equal shares in all the selected August coins, then such a set would have grown by +16.95%. Our real portfolio is performing surprisingly well. Thanks for that Arweave (+456% in the last 30 days), Avalanche (+280% in the last 30 days), Polkadex (+193% in the last 30 days) and other lucrative assets.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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