Unicorn Mining: month 13. Thanks Flow for huge growth!

Aleksandr Cryptoved
5 min readAug 4, 2021


July was the nice month for our portfolio: +67%!

July results for the risky part of the “Unicorn Mining” portfolio.

Unicorn Mining: results for 13 months

$ Total invested: $2600
✅ Current balance: $57 307 (as of August 3, 2021)
📆 Duration: 13 months

Unicorn Mining: month №13


$200 for June and +$200 for July


Full exit from Unilend coin. Total result is +181.2%. The result is worse than Ethereum and Bitcoin over the same period, so there is nothing to be happy about here.


Funds from the Unilend sale and deposit funds were sent to buy CEEK tokens. We already had them in our portfolio, this is an additional purchase. I follow all the coins through Telegram channels. For a long time, CEEK’s Telegram was silent, I almost buried this project. Over the past 2–3 months, the channel has revived. Two significant events: the token will now be additionally on the Binance Smart Chain network, an article was published on the Republic. There is a good chance that the token will fly in the future on the big VR + crypto idea. The risks are appropriate (you can lose everything).

In the Google table, I once again took into account the dividend rewards from Flow staking.


During the month, our portfolio gained +66.91% ($34,095 →$ 56,907, excluding the $400 deposit). Over the same period, cryptocurrency capitalization increased by +17.86%, while the bitcoin price added +18.56%. Everything is going according to plan: we are growing faster than the market, and we are also falling faster than the market.

Flow tokens are now counted with a discount of -30%. Thanks to the growth in the price of Flow tokens (+96.8% in 30 days) and the revaluation of the discount we have such an impressive growth across the entire portfolio. Of course, the portfolio came out “Flow-dependent”, but so far nothing can be done about it due to the lock of coins.

Only 4 assets in “summer coins” show growth over the last 30 days:

IOI (+50.4%)
IMe Smart Platform (+6.53%)
Covalent (+5.65%)
HitBTC Token (+2.48%)

In July, a huge number of coins appeared on the market, let’s briefly analyze the most worthy of them, in my humble opinion:

1. PolkaCipher ($0.0384) — cross-chain private oracles for the WEB 3.0 industry with a focus on business and NFT. Integration with the Polkadot ecosystem️. Score is 3.

2. StarLink ($0.00000842) — Starlink Metaverse token with its satellites, planets and lands on them. The project is still in development, but the trading volumes are quite high (over $5m on Uniswap). Score is 3.

3. Railgun ($0.93) — a smart contract system (built without any bridge or second-level solutions) that provides privacy via zk-SNARK for any transaction in Ethereum. RAIL token is a governance token for RAILGUN DAO. Score is 3.

4. Thorstarter ($0.1383) — IDO platform for projects in the THORChain network. There is a liquidity mining program. Soon AMM (decentralized exchange) will be added. Score is 2.

5. RichCity ($0.000000003497) — a mobile game with NFT, a kind of Sims at minimum wages. While “you can’t touch anything with your pens”, there are only screenshots of the future game. In 2 weeks the token price doubled. Score is 3.

6. OpenOcean ($0.3) — DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator for crypto assets. Supported networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Solana, Polygon, Huobi Eco Chain, as well as Binance crypto exchange️. Score is 3.

7. Karura ($7.08) — DeFi hub on the Kusama network, the canary network for the Acala Network that will run on Polkadot. Karura is the winner of the first auction for parachains on Kusama. Score is 4.

8. DAppNode ($1.69) — hardware and software solutions for supporting nodes, so that the cryptocurrency space is as decentralized as possible. The project has its own DAO. Score is 3.

9. Lithium ($41.18) — DeFi hub on the Polygon network with a focus on farming activities. Note, Lithium Finance is a different project, at first I got confused about them myself. Score is 2.

10. Coin98 ($1.12) — a multicurrency crypto wallet with support for more than 20 networks + crypto exchange + cross-chain bridge infrastructure. Launched on Binance Launchpad and is already listed on Binance. Score is 4.

11. Pear ($2.32) — highly profitable farming pools in the Polygon network️. Score is 2.

12. Saber ($0.022) — a platform for wrapped assets (including stablecoins) in the Solana network with the ability to exchange them. Score is 2.

13. RealFevr ($0.0107) — a collectible NFT-game for the football league, NBA Topshot on minimum wages in football (initially there was generally an emphasis only on Portuguese football). Score is 3.

14. Waves Ducks ($809) — NFT-collecting ducks with the possibility of breeding them, works on the Waves blockchain️. Score is 3.

15. Infinity Pad ($0.025) — Another Binance Smart Chain Launchpad, supported by Infinity Gainz. Score is 2.

16. Meeb Master ($4.02) — NFT game of animals on the Polygon network with a “play-to-earn” concept. At a quick glance, trying to copy the success of Axie Infinity. Score is 3.

17. CoinBurp ($0.121) — NFT/DeFi marketplace where users can convert fiat into the digital assets they need and vice versa. Score is 2.

18. DinoX ($0.62) — a strategy game with dinosaurs in the “play-to-earn” concept, the game also has DeFi elements in the form of staking and farming, the game is under development. Score is 2.

19. Binamars ($0.14) — RPG game on Binance Smart Chain and trendy “play-to-earn” concept. Score is 2.

20. Yield Guild Games ($2.11) — DAO that will invest in NFTs used in virtual worlds and blockchain games. Score is 3.

21. Fanadise ($0.087) — NFT platform for influencers and their fans. The site will have various mechanics (subscriptions, private content, etc.) with which famous people can monetize their activities. Score is 3.

22. TrustBase ($0.017) — Polkadot parachain based on the Substrate framework, which independently develops the Subscript smart contract language. They received Web3 Foundation Grant. Score is 3.

23. Spores Network ($0.024) — DeFi/NFT cross-chain marketplace with support for fiat currencies. Score is 3.

24. Proxy ($21.8) — a platform for wrapping bitcoin and generating bitcoin tokens in the Polygon network️. Score is 2.

25. Swarm Markets ($0.289) — licensed DeFi platform for trading stocks and digital assets with a focus on institutional financial market participants. Score is 2.

I added this coins to the “July coins” list on Cryptorank. Due to the lack of coins on Cryptorank: Railgun, Richcity, DappNode, Lithium, Pear, Saber, Waves Ducks, Spores Network and Swarm Markets are not listed.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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