Unicorn Mining: month 12. One year has passed

Aleksandr Cryptoved
5 min readJul 2, 2021


The experiment is one year old. it’s time to take stock! To be precise, it will be exactly one year on July 5th when I made my first investment of $52.5 in Helix.Network. Ironically, in a year our first investment will be written off as the project died. Yes, that sometimes happens with distant alts. In general, this is a very acceptable indicator of REKT: 1 out of 32, given the fact that we are buying extremely risky projects, and not the gold and silver of the market.

Unicorn Mining: month 12. One year hass passed

June results for the risky part of the “Unicorn Mining” portfolio.

💲 Total invested: $2200
✅ Current balance: $34 095 (as of July 2, 2021)
📆 Duration: 12 months

Unicorn Mining: month №12

I did not take any actions, since during periods of pressure on the alts it is better to sit out on the fence. After the fact, I can call this tactic was correct. Alts did indeed continue its trek into the abyss in June.

In the table, I once again took into account the dividend rewards from Flow staking.


During the month portfolio lost -34.73% ($ 52 237 -> $ 34 095). Cryptocurrency capitalization over the same period decreased by -15.75%, while the bitcoin price slightly corrected by -6.25%. During periods of growth, the portfolio is several times ahead of the market, the same happens during periods of decline. There are no miracles. This was expected for me. Now it remains to wait for the next phase of the market growth. Of course, sooner or later it will come again. In general, the results for the year are still impressive: investments have been increased 15+ times. We have rather huge drowdown (-59.29%), but this is the flip side of the risky investment coins.

Flow tokens are now counted with a discount of -40%.

As I said — while we are sitting on the fence, but we still keep an eye on the situation on the crypto market, so for your attention I present 16 June coins, which you can watch in the near future:

1. Sovryn ($15.3) — DeFi-platform for BTC, on which you can trade bitcoins in non-custodial mode (including with leverage up to 5x) and borrow them. In the future, Bitcoin futures will be added as well as BTC-based stablecoin. I would gladly give the project a solid 4 points, but for margin elements only 4.

2. iMe Lab ($0.0147) — an alternative client for Telegram — Ime Messenger with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and artificial intelligence-based features. I myself have been using this application for a couple of years, the flight is normal! Score is 4.

3. Stratos ($0.685) — a platform for decentralized data storage and processing. There are 4 directions on the site: Storage, Database, Computing, Blockchain. There is also a mention of the Stratos CDN Network. There is a good set of crypto funds on board. Score is 3.

4. IOI Token ($0.815) — a racing game with NFT and native token. The token gives access to races, you can buy fuel and cars with it. The token is deflationary, as it is planned to burn up to 60% of the total number of coins. Score is 3.

5. WaultSwap Polygon ($0.0042) — DeFi platform token in the Polygon network (ex.Matic). The token was dropped to token holders of WEX and WAULTx. The platform also has another token — WOLD (stablecoin pegged to the dollar price). Score is 3.

6. HoDooi.com ($0.043) — multi-blockchain NFT platform for trading and creating unique tokens. The launch is expected on July 12 of this year. Score is 3.

7. BitClout ($114) is a decentralized social network where famous people and creators can tokenize themselves. It works on its own blockchain. An extremely controversial project: on the one hand, there are pyramid elements and opaque tokenomics, on the other hand, the platform is supported by top crypto funds and famous personalities. Score is 4.

8. Multiverse ($0.049) — a gamified environment for collaboration of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as people interested in these technologies, but do not have enough skills for serious research. Score is 2.

9. HitBTC Token ($0.194) — a token of the HitBTC exchange, it is included in the TOP-100 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Trust Score on Coingecko is 6 points out of 10. Score is 3.

10. Celeb ($5.2) — a platform for organizing marketing campaigns on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). The platform also measures the “Celeb Index” social graph, which allows to assess the popularity of a blogger minus bots and markups. Score is 2.

11. Swarm ($9.55) — a peer-to-peer network system that creates a decentralized storage and communication service. The system is economically self-sufficient thanks to the built-in incentive system provided through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with the BZZ token. Score is 4.

12. Chainge Finance ($0.056) — DeFi platform and mobile app for secure digital asset management. Token is functioning on the Fusion network, platform will also use an automatic secure key storage system based on Fusion development. Score is 3.

13. Gitcoin ($6.47) — a platform for funding developments of the WEB3 concept, as well as any other cryptocurrency initiatives. It organizes hackathons, bounty & grant campaigns and quests. Leader of crowdfunding in the cryptocurrency industry. Token is already listed on Binance. Score is 4.

14. Dopex ($115) — a protocol for the creation of synthetic assets, in particular option products. Dopex is a governance token with economic incentives (rewards are distributed every global epoch). There is also another token in the system — rDPX (used for rebates and compensation for losses). Score is 2.

15. Osmosis ($3.14) — DEX for the Cosmos ecosystem. According to Coingecko, 92 pairs are already traded on the decentralized exchange with a trading volume of $2.5 million. Score is 4.

16. Covalent ($0.32) — indexing blockchain data (works with multiple networks) and delivering it via API for DeFi services, NFT platforms, DAOs and other projects that need structured data sets from the blockchain. The token has governance functions with economic incentives in the form of staking. There are top funds on board, a public round was also held on the Coinlist crypto exchange. Score is 4.

I added this coins to the “Summer coins” list on Cryptorank. Due to the lack of coins, WaultSwap Polygon, Bitclout, Multiverse and Osmosis are not in the list.

We continue to record the results and new coins in the Google Sheets.

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