Crypto Deal Flow: September 9–11

There is another boom in the cryptocurrency market. The record was not broken, there are 11 news on the radar.

Crypto Deal Flow: September 9–11
  1. Aavegotchi| undisclosed sum|The Lao | private round

The Lao has supported the DeFi & NFT game Aavegotchi, which is being developed by Aave. NFTs will be able to stake for rewards. The method of support is not specified, but most likely, a certain amount of funds was invested.

2. Shell Protocol| undisclosed sum|The Lao | private round

The Lao also supported Shell Protocol, which is a mix of Curve and Balancer. From the comments, we can conclude that this will be a pool of stablecoins, the weights in the pool of stablecoins may be different. The amount of investment is not specified (for those who are especially inquisitive, you can try to find it through the blockchain, since The Lao is a DAO).
Shell Protocol:

3. Jelly Swap| undisclosed sum|Algorand Foundation| grant

Jelly Swap received a grant from the Algorand Foundation. Through Jelly Swap you can exchange tokens from different blockchains. The grant will go towards developing a decentralized bridge between the Algorand blockchain and Ethereum and Bitcoin. The amount of the grant was not disclosed.
Jelly Swap:

4. UTU| $1.4m|Moonrock Capital, ONE BLOCK, Genesis Block, Kenetic and Duck DAO| private round

UTU has raised $1.4m in investments from Moonrock Capital, ONE BLOCK, Genesis Block, Kenetic and Duck DAO. UTU develops the trust infrastructure of the entire internet, replacing anonymous star ratings, reviews, and scores as the de facto trust mechanisms of our digital lives.

5. Binance| $100m|new fund

Binance has announced the launch of a $100m fund to support DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain. This initiative was announced by the CEO Changpeng Zhao on Thursday, September 10. We wait many projects to appear on BSC.


6. Decentral Games| $400k|Metaverse Ventures, Decentraland Foundation, Matic Foundation| pre seed

Decentral Games raised $400k from Metaverse Ventures, Decentraland Foundation, Matic Foundation and other investors. The funds will be used to develop virtual casinos in the Decentraland ecosystem.
Decentral Games:

7. SaTT| $3.6m|TGE

The SaTT advertising platform has reached a soft cap of $3.36m, and has already raised $3.6m. SaTT allows users to make money on their social media profiles, and advertisers find content creators. Is ICO coming to life?

8. Swisscom Blockchain| undisclosed sum|Web3| grant

Swisscom Blockchain has received a grant from Web3 to develop a solution that will protect the stake of the Polkadot and Kusama network validators from attacks. You can read more about development here. The amount of the grant was not disclosed.
Swisscom Blockchain:

9.| €2.5m|Target Global| seed has received a €2.5m investment from the large fund Target Global. The project develops a crypto-fiat payment system for various businesses, also you can use it as wallet. Their system can already be seen on many exchanges if you fund your account through fiat currencies.

10. Stafi| $313k|BitMax| public auction

Stafi completed a public auction on the BitMax exchange, where it sold $313k in tokens. Stafi has already appeared on the radar twice: the first time on July 24 and the second time on August 26. Tokens are already being traded.


11. The Ethereum Foundation| $3.8m|28 grants

The Ethereum Foundation has awarded $3.8m in grants to 28 projects. A complete list of projects is available here:
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