Crypto Deal Flow: September 7–9

For September 7–8 and the first 12 hours on September 9, 7 cryptocurrency deals were detected:

Crypto Deal Flow: September 7–9
  1. Diginex| $20m|institutions and family offices | convertible note

Firstly we talked about Diginex on July 30th. The company has now raised $20m from institutions and family offices in Europe and Asia. Preparations for listing on the Nasdaq exchange through 8i are in full swing.

2. Blockpit | CryptoTax | acquisition

Austrian project Blockpit acquires its German competitor CryptoTax. The joint company plans to expand its activities to the whole world. Both companies are focused on developing tax reporting tools for cryptocurrencies.

3. LN Markets| undisclosed sum|Bitfinex and others| strategic round

LN Markets, a derivatives platform on the Lightning Network, has raised funds from Bitfinex and other investors. The amount of investments has not been disclosed. The platform has been operating since March 2020, the total trading volume has already exceeded $10m.
LN Markets:

4. Chainalysis| $799k|US Air Force| deal

Chainalysis sealed a $799k deal with the US Air Force. Now the military will also monitor cryptocurrencies. Chainalysis’s cryptocurrency monitoring solutions are already used by several US government institutions — Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and others.

5. Linear Finance| $1.8m|11 funds| seed

Linear Finance, a DeFi protocol for the issuance of synthetic assets in several blockchains with the possibility of cross-chain swaps, attracted $1.8m from five leading investors — NGC Ventures, Hashed, CMS Holdings, Genesis Block, Kenetic Capital and 6 investors — Alameda Research, Evernew Capital, Soul Capital, Moonrock Capital, Black Edge Capital and PANONY. Linear has already started integrating with Binance Smart Chain and Tellor’s oracles.

Linear Finance:

6. Luno| undisclosed sum|Digital Currency Group| acquisition

Digital Currency Group (DCG) acquired Luno, a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. The Luno project has been operating since 2013 and previously received investments from DCG. The exchange / wallet has 5 million customers in 40 countries around the world, with a special focus on Asia and Africa.

7. Rarible| undisclosed sum|CoinFund| pre-seed

Rarible, a digital art-focused NFT platform, has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed round that was closed by leading New York-based blockchain investment firm CoinFund. CoinFund believes that all digital goods in the future will become NFTs (photos, articles, music, videos, game artifacts, etc.), and the NFT class in the blockchain industry will become one of the largest. I also tend to this version of developments in cryptocurrencies in the coming years.


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