Crypto Deal Flow: September 24–28

Aleksandr Cryptoved
3 min readSep 28, 2020


10 cryptocurrency deals are detected from September 24 to 28.

Crypto Deal Flow: September 24–28
  1. Andre Cronje| 22 grants

The real king of grants, Andre Cronje, has issued 22 grants. A list of all projects can be found here. Among them are 1inch.Exchange, Zapper, Curve, Rotki, Gelato, Dune Analytics, Defiprime, Tenderly, ParaSwap, Cover and others.
2. BrightID| undisclosed sum| The LAO| private round

The LAO has invested in a project called BrightID, which is going to fight multi-acca with social identity. Users will be able to prove their uniqueness without disclosing personal information.

3. Filecoin| Dev Grant Wave 5 proposals

Filecoin announced the start of the fifth round of grants. Proposals will be reviewed by October 1. The information can be found here. Another project is developing its ecosystem through grants.

4. Seascape Network| undisclosed sum| LD Capital| private round

Seascape Network received investment from LD Capital. Torchlight Ventures, Digital Renaissance and Du Capital are also on the site among partners. The project team is developing a Substrate gaming platform for DeFi and NFT.

5. The XRPL Foundation| $6.5m| Ripple, GateHub and Coil| donations

The XRPL Foundation has received $6.5m in donations from Ripple, GateHub and Coil. The organization was founded with the goal of improving XRP Ledger and every aspect of it.

6. Ant Group| $35B| Dual IPO

Ahead of the $35 billion IPO in Hong Kong and China, Ant Group launched a cross-border blockchain platform Trusple on the AntChain network. The platform will allow small and medium businesses to sell their products all over the world. We can only expect an IPO now, and if it takes place, it will become the largest IPO in the modern history of financial markets. On July 21, Ant Group was already featured on the Crypto Deal Flow.

7. Aspire Technology| $2.4m| equity and private token sale

Aspire Technology, the developers of Aspire’s digital platform, raised $2.4 in equity and through a private token sale. The platform allows persons or small business to issue tokens easily. The project is somehow completely outside the radar and is not discussed in the community.

8. Liquity Protocol| $2.4m| Polychain Capital and others| seed

Decentralized Loan and Stablecoin Protocol Liquity raised $2.4m from lead investor Polychain Capital with participation a_capital, Lemniscap, 1kx, DFINITY Ecosystem Fund, Robot Ventures (Robert Leshner) and Alex Pack. Tomahawk.VC participated in the pre-seed round. They promise low interest rates, close to zero, and maximum decentralized governance.

9. PostModern Partners| new fund

Former partner at Pantera Capital Paul Brodsky will open his PostModern Partners fund, which will focus on high-risk investments aimed at volatility plays across cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. The fund will open in 2021 and will be available to accredited investors who can stomach potentially heavy market dips.

10. NuCypher WorkLock| $120m Ethereum Lockdrop

NuCypher WorkLock on Coinlist: approximately $120m of Ethereum Locked. The ether lock allows you to “mine” Nu tokens. 225 million tokens (22.5%) have been allocated for the program. More details about the mechanism can be found here.

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