Crypto Deal Flow: September 2–3

Radar of cryptocurrency deals for September 2 and 3.

Crypto Deal Flow: September 2–3
  1. RioDeFi| undisclosed sum| Moonrock Capital| private sale

The RioDeFi project received funds from Moonrock Capital. RioDeFi develops blockchain on the Substrate framework in the Polkadot ecosystem. The main mission is to connect traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. The investment amount has not been disclosed.

2. Attestiv| undisclosed sum| Borderless Capital| private sale

Attestiv has raised funds from Borderless Capital. The investment amount has not been disclosed. Attestiv uses the Algorand blockchain to capture hashes of digital documents (text, photo, video, audio). The Algorand blockchain is beginning to be used not only to issue security tokens, but also to fight with digital piracy.

3. Centrapay| undisclosed sum| Amatil| seed

Centrapay received funds from Amatil, Coca-Cola’s venture capital arm. Centrapay is a payment service that has become famous in the cryptocurrency space for organizing payment for drinks via cryptocurrencies in Australia and New Zealand.

4. Cozy Finance| $2m| Electric Capital and others| private round

Cozy Finance raised $2m from lead investor Electric Capital and investors Variant Fund, Dragonfly Capital, Robot Ventures, Slow Ventures, Volt Capital and individuals. Cozy Finance will develop a risk management tool for the DeFi space.
Cozy Finance:

5. Zero Hash| $4.75m| Tastyworks and others| round series C

Zero Hash raised $4.75m in round C from Tastyworks, Dough and Small Exchange, previously featuring Bain Capital, broker TradeStation, CMT Digital and Monday Capital. Zero Hash provides a settlement infrastructure for platforms, such as app-based brokerages, to offer cryptocurrency trading for their users. The company was previously known under the brand name Seed CX and was engaged in a derivatives platform.
Zero Hash:

6. Bitmain| $23m| Marathon Patent Group| mining deal
Bitmain signed a $23m deal with Marathon Patent Group to supply 10,500 Antminer S19 Pro miners. Marathon Patent Group is listed on the Nasdaq with a capitalization of $65m.

7. Cashaa| $5m| 01ex| strategic round

Cashaa, a crypto-friendly neo-bank, raised $5m from Dubai investment firm 01ex. Cashaa was previously hacked for $3m in cryptocurrencies. The bank has its own Cashaa Coin, and it also works with a number of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Ethereum, USDt. There are plans to add Litecoin and Ripple in the future. The bank is focused on the Indian market and also plans to expand to the African and Caribbean regions.

8. Stacks Open Internet Foundation| grants

The Stacks Open Internet Foundation has announced the launch of a grant system for teams that will develop their projects on the Blockstack Stacks blockchain. Projects can get up to $5000.
Stacks Open Internet Foundation:

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