Crypto Deal Flow: September 18–21

Crypto deal flow over the past 3 days:

Crypto Deal Flow: September 18–21
  1. Zenlink| $1.1m| Hashkey and others| angel round

Polkadot cross-chain DEX Zenlink has raised $1.1m from lead investor Hashkey and Continue Capital, IOSG Ventures, D1 Ventures, and Youbi Capital. Zenlink promises fast exchanges with low slippage and shared liquidity between parachains.


2. ARM| $40000m| Nvidia| acquisition

This news is indirectly related to cryptocurrencies: the manufacturer of video cards and other hardware devices Nvidia is buying the manufacturer of ARM chips for a record $40 billion (part of the deal will be paid in shares).


3. COVER protocol| grants from community

COVER protocol has received several grants from famous people in the DeFi environment. In particular, Andre Cronje issued a grant for $ 25k and 5 ETH. COVER tokens will enable buying and selling of insurance coverage along with providing liquidity mining incentives. The project is riveted by the DeFi community.
Cover Protocol Twitter:

4. Tangible KK | STO on Ingium

Ignium, an Estonia-based security token issuance and cross-border settlement infrastructure firm, is announcing the issuance of a security token through its platform, which it says represents the first and only time that security tokens have been issued, settled, and traded on an end-to-end capital markets infrastructure that was made specifically for digital assets. The tokens in question have been issued through Ignium by Tangible KK, a Japan-based bond securities firm that is using the money raised through the issuance to fund the development of ‘Basecamp’, a seven-unit boutique ski resort in Niseko, Japan.

5. Wootrade| undisclosed sum| Genesis Block| strategic round

In the last issue, we already talked about Wootrade. Now the company has attracted more investment from the Genesis Block, and a strategic partnership has been entered into for OTC deals.

6. Signum Capital | transition to a regulated entity

Signum Capital announced the transition to a regulated entity that will invest in blockchain projects. Signum Capital is an active investor in the industry and has featured on Crypto Deal Flow several times. According to the documents, the fund can attract from investors up to $ 250m in total.
Signum Capital:

7. Stacks Open Internet Foundation | grants

On September 4, we reported that the Stacks Open Internet Foundation announced the launch of a grant system for teams that will develop their projects on the Blockstack Stacks blockchain. Already 4 grants have been approved, the process of applying and approving grants can be followed here. Interestingly, a grant can be noted to the OpenRiff project, which develops NFTs and the market for them. While the whole situation does not have a positive effect on the price of the STX token, the price in September hovers around 20 cents.


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