Crypto Deal Flow: October 16–19

Crypto Deal Flow: October 16–19
  1. OpenDefi | $1m| AU21, TRG Capital, O1EX Capital, Lotus Capital, Alphabit Fund| private sale
  • StakerDAO, a platform for governing financial assets in a decentralized, secure, and compliant manner;
  • Mugglepay, a payment SDK for online merchants that eliminates chargebacks and enables the transactions of global crypto payments with greater ease, security and lowered costs;
  • DEXTF, an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol that empowers professionals and financial institutions to effortlessly create and manage digital-native funds;
  • Neutron Finance, a one-stop portal with a full suite of DeFi products and services including a non-custodial protocol and a decentralized exchange;
  • xbuillion, a global, trusted settlement layer for physical gold enabling users access the largest physical marketplaces in the world, without ongoing custody fees;
  • LawCoin, the world’s first blockchain platform for tokenized investment in litigation and legal claims;
  • Obsidian Labs, a blockchain technology company focused on developer tools and services, having launched a multi-chain wallet and EOS dapp store, and several graphic IDEs to support leading blockchains;
  • Eastern Blu Music Ecosystem, a trusted public system for registration, licensing and distribution of royalties for all players in the music Industry;
  • VeriTX, a trusted digital commerce marketplace for Industry 4.0, to buy and sell digital and physical assets, as well as maintain trusted maintenance and lease records;
  • Yieldy Finance, a decentralized platform allowing for instant payment of goods and services for retail shopping on a buy now but pay later model.



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Aleksandr Cryptoved

Aleksandr Cryptoved

Tokenomic Researcher and CryptoDealFlow author