Crypto Deal Flow: October 14–16

Aleksandr Cryptoved
3 min readOct 16, 2020


8 deals are detected by our radar system.

Crypto Deal Flow: October 14–16
  1. Bitcoin core devs| undisclosed sum| Coinbase| grant

Coinbase has announced that it will support the development of the Bitcoin protocol by funding at least two Bitcoin Core contributors through grants named the Crypto Community Fund. Coinbase is ready to support other developers, the site has an application form.

2. Atari | $1m|| token sale will hold a token sale of the Atari project on October 29, it is planned to raise $1m. Atari is a token for the video games, gambling and entertainment industries. WAX, Ultra, Animoca Brands and other companies are among partners.

3. Arhax | $8m| Alameda Research, Amnis Ventures and others| seed

Archax, a regulated digital asset exchange, has raised $8m from Alameda Research, Amnis Ventures, Bridgetower Capital, CoinFund, Edge196, Hudson Capital, QBN Capital and 7percent Ventures.

4. Distributed Technology Markets and Velocity Platform| undisclosed sum| Securitize| acquisition

The Securitize platform has applied for the acquisition of two structures: 1. a broker-dealer and alternative trading system, Distributed Technology Markets, and 2. Velocity Platform, a money services business with licenses in several states. Both structures are owned by Velocity Markets. A successful deal will allow Securitize to tokenize assets and then start trading them.

5. The Algorand Foundation | Algorand Europe Accelerator

The Algorand Foundation launches the “Algorand Europe Accelerator”, an accelerator for crypto startups in Europe. The accelerator’s partners are two funds — Eterna Capital and Borderless Capital. Initially, startups can get $15k and then funding can be expanded to $500k. In June 2020, Algorand has already launched a similar accelerator in Asia.

6. Bitmain| ≈$5m| Riot Blockchain| miners are bought

Bitmain has closed another deal with Riot Blockchain to supply 2,500 Antminer S19 Pro (110 TH) miners. Earlier in August, a deal was made for 8000 miners ($17.7m) and in September for 5100 miners ($10m). The amount of the current deal is around $ 5m.

7. OpenDefi| undisclosed sum| Moonrock Capital| investment

Moonrock Capital has announced an investment in OpenDefi. The project will allow institutional investors and funds to participate in the crypto and Defi economy. OpenDefi eliminates slippage in transactions, offers high liquidity, instant settlements, insurance and storage of physical assets for which synthetic tokens are issued.

8. Akash| $820k| Bitmax| IEO&auction

Akash held an auction on the Bitmax exchange. Standard auction price: $0.3773 per AKT. Uncapped Auction: $0.7673 per AKT token. A total of 1,800,000 tokens were sold, the amount of funds raised was about $820k. Akash is The DeCloud for DeFi, and the world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace.

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