Crypto Deal Flow: November 27–29

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated and Black Friday discount products are bought, so there are a minimum of events. Nevertheless, the first is important enough!

  1. Macro Opportunities Fund | $500m| possibility to invest in bitcoin

The Guggenheim Funds Trust has filed documents with the SEC, according to which up to 10% of the Macro Opportunities Fund can be invested in Bitcoin through Grayscale products. Macro Opportunities Fund is part of the Guggenheim Partners group of companies, which manages $233B, this fund has $4.97B under management. Thus, about $500m can go to bitcoins in the near future only through this fund.

2. Royal Finance | $350k| Alphabit, Fomocraft Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Vendetta Capital | seed

Royal Finance, a DeFi protocol for the iGaming industry, has raised $350k in a seed round from Alphabit, Fomocraft Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Vendetta Capital and other investors. One of the key functions: through Royal, it will be possible to form pools of assets that will be used by operators of the gambling industry to pay out winnings if their own funds are not enough for this. Pool providers will receive interest for providing liquidity.

3. Yearn and Cover | merge

Andre Cronje announced the merger of Yearn and Cover, but in fact, it is more appropriate to say here about the cooperation of developers. In the article you can read about the synergy of the two projects, as well as the new version of Cover.

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