Crypto Deal Flow for July 28 2020
  1. Polkadot| $43.3m | token sale

The Polkadot project raised $ 43.3 million in bitcoins during a private sale, with a total of 1059 transactions. Token price = $ 125. Previously, Polkadot raised funds in 2017 ($ 145 million, token price $ 28.8) and in 2019 ($ 60 million, token price $ 120). DOT futures are traded on the exchanges, the price is $ 150–170.


Polkadot Sale site:

2. Coinshares Ventures| Undisclosed sum| Avantgarde Finance

CoinShares Ventures has invested in Avantgarde Finance, an investment platform that develops user-friendly interfaces for on-chain investments on top of Melon Protocol. Also Avantgarde will use Compound and Chai on the backend, and other protocols in the future. The amount of the investment was not disclosed.


Avantgarde Finance: