Crypto Deal Flow: July 27

Crypto Deal Flow for July 27 2020
  1. 3iq Corp| $10.75m–$107.5m | future IPO for Ethereum fund

Canadian investment fund manager 3iq Corp. announced that its Ether Fund has filed for an IPO with the securities regulators in all provinces and territories of Canada, except for Quebec. Furthermore, its preliminary IPO prospectus has been green-lighted by a regulator.

A closed-end investment fund managed by 3iq, the Ether Fund intends to raise a minimum of $10.75 million and a maximum of $107.5 million by issuing Class A units at $10.75 and Class F units at $10.53. The Ether Fund reportedly aims to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as does the Bitcoin Fund.


3iQ Corp:

2. Plutus DeFi| $0.5–1m | token sale

Plutus Defi held a Bonding Curve token sale today. The event was over in seconds, only a few hit. The minimum token price was 9 cents, the maximum was 22 cents. 3 million tokens were sold. The token is currently trading at around 30 cents.


Plutus DeFi:



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