Crypto Deal Flow: February 11–16

Let’s research activity of crypto funds, private investors and crypto startups for last 5 days. Our Radar system detected 30 deals!

  1. Alpha Innovations and Arcanum Capital | $10m| new fund

Asset management firms Alpha Innovations and Arcanum Capital have launched a $10 million venture capital fund focused on driving blockchain innovation in emerging markets. The fund will provide seed and series A financing to blockchain firms in emerging markets.

2. Counterpoint Global| $150b| new money

Counterpoint Global, a $150 billion unit of Morgan Stanley Investment Management that has racked up wins in mutual-fund rankings, is exploring whether bitcoin would be a suitable option for its investors.

3. Opdex Protocol| $1m| Stratis Decentralised| private round

Next generation DeFi protocol Opdex Protocol has received nearly $1m in funding from the Stratis Decentralised fund.

4. Future recipients| $4m| The Ethereum Foundation (Moloch DAO)| grant

Moloch DAO has $4m+ to grant and is opening up sub-guilds to support the Ethereum ecosystem relating to privacy, layer 2 scaling, client security, and more.

5. VAIOT|15x the SHO $0.12 price|SHO

VAIOT, the Intelligent Assistant Project, ran a SHO at DAO Maker. The token is trading at about 15x the SHO $ 0.12 price. Xend Finance and Yield Protocol are the next projects on DAO Maker.

6. Synthetix| $12m|Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures and IOSG| private round

Synthetix announces $12 million raise led by Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures and IOSG. The funds purchased SNX tokens directly from the DAO treasury, and “will contribute where possible by providing liquidity in the form of SNX collateral, and also participate in its rapidly evolving community governance system”.

7. Reach, Bitquery, Certik, DappStarter and Simpli DeFi| undisclosed sum| Conflux| grant

The Conflux Ecosystem Grants Program offers over 2.4 billion in CFX to community to build on the Conflux Network. Reach, Bitquery, Certik, DappStarter and Simpli DeFi have already received grants.

8. UniLayer| undisclosed sum|AU21 Capital and Inclusion Capital| private round

Leading DeFi funds AU21 Capital and Inclusion Capital invest in UniLayer. UniLayer is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solution, a set of smart contracts, sitting on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (as infrastructure) and operating on UniSwap (as code logic) by providing users with an extensive toolset for automating their trading and liquidity operations on UniSwap.

9. Catalyst| $1m| project support

Project Catalyst in the Cardano ecosystem launches the 4th $ 1 million project support fund. A minimum of 3000 ADA (about $2600) must be held to vote on spending.

10. EncrypGen’s Gene| €1.5m| bonds

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain uses a blockchain to help privately store users’ genetic data and associate it with user- supplied metadata such as that collected by genetic testing companies so that users can store and sell their de-identified data directly to researchers in exchange for DNA, a cryptocurrency they can then exchange for money. EncrypGen is holding STO on Coinmetro with 1.5m euro hardcap.

11. Kurtosis| undisclosed sum| Chainlink | grant

Kurtosis, a platform for the end-to-end testing of mission-critical blockchain infrastructure, has been selected as a recipient of the Chainlink Community Grant Program. Kurtosis is receiving a grant to construct an automated and extensible testing platform that validates the scalability and reliability of Chainlink oracle networks.

12. Swarm Association| $6m | HashKey Capital, NGC Ventures, and KR1| private round

Swarm Association, the team behind the development of an Ethereum-based decentralized storage network, has raised $6 million in a private token sale. The sale saw Swarm’s native BZZ tokens get distributed to venture firms, including HashKey Capital, NGC Ventures, and KR1. Bitcoin Suisse facilitated the sale.

13. CEO of Twitter and rapper Jay-Z| 500 Bitcoins| new fund

Renowned Bitcoiner Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, has taken to Twitter to announce that he and American rapper Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Carter in everyday life) have decided to give 500 Bitcoins to a new trust that will focus on Bitcoin development.

14. Figure|$250m| SPAC

Blockchain Mortgage Platform Figure launches SPAC to raise $250M. The blank-check firm seeks to raise $250 million, according to the prospectus filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and will be called Figure Acquisition Corp. I.

15. Valiu | $5.25m| Blockchange Ventures and Anthony Pompliano| seed

Valiu, a blockchain-based international remittance firm located in Colombia, announced Thursday that it raised $5.25m in seed funding. Blockchange Ventures and Anthony Pompliano (via Pomp Investments) led the most recent round of funding

16. Quedex | Bitso| acquisition

Latin American crypto services company Bitso has acquired Quedex, a European platform for crypto derivatives trading. With the Quedex deal, one of the Latin American region’s most prominent crypto firms has moved to add significant technological heft to its toolkit as well as the ability to offer new kinds of products.

17. Kraken Ventures| from $250k to $3m|Kraken| new fund

Kraken, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced the launch of a new venture fund that will invest in early-stage cryptocurrency and tech startups. Startups selected by Kraken Ventures will receive investments ranging from $250,000 to $3 million, Kraken told CoinDesk.

18. MOASIS| $5m| MXC | project support

Crypto exchange MXC opens MOASIS, a program to support startups that will use the MX Token. The initiative has already been allocated $5m.

19. VideoWiki and others 8 companies| $90k | Ocean Protocol| grant

The Ocean Protocol community by voting distributed 90,000$ in Ocean tokens among 9 projects: Research the Data Economy (European community of researchers); VideoWiki (generating video from text); the Ocean Protocol documentation team; algae. development (interfaces for Ocean Protocol); Ocean Academy (educational project), Liquidity Pool Handling 2.0 (liquidity pools); a group of individuals that presents the Ocean Protocol to German artificial intelligence scientists; (data ranking); Governor DAO (framework for DAO).

20. ETHDenver conference | news

Results from the ETHDenver conference have been published, there are a lot of projects. Some of them have received grants ranging from $125 to $5000.

21. Dapper Labs|$250m|Coatue Management| strategy round

NFT-focused startup Dapper Labs is raising $250 million in a new funding round led by Coatue Management. The round comes amid a period of rapid growth for its NBA Top Shot NFT product.

22. Cere Network| token sale

Cere Network, The Decentralized Data & Finance Cloud for Enterprises, will hold token sale on Republic in Q1 2021.

23. Reflexer Labs| $4.14m|Pantera, Lemniscap, and others| private round

Reflexer Labs raises $4.14M to build out ETH-backed stable asset RAI. Pantera and Lemniscap have led a $4.14 million round for Reflexer Labs, the creator of a new gentlecoin, one that follows ether’s (ETH) price, minus the volatility. Several backers from its prior round followed on.

24. Paralink| undiscloused sum|Hillrise Capital| private round

Paralink is thrilled to share investment spotlight with renowned investor Hillrise Capital. Hillrise is an independent research and advisory firm focused on scaling and supporting early-stage blockchain startups.

25. Pontem Network| undiscloused sum |Web3 Foundation and one from Wings Foundation| grant

Pontem Network has been approved for two grants, one from Web3 Foundation and one from Wings Foundation. Pontem Network wants to become one of the Polkadot Parachains and support Move VM and Move Language.

26. REI Capital Growth|$100m|STO

REI Capital Growth is announcing a $100m combined STO offering on Tezos. REICG has reinvented how the typical real estate investment funds operate. The REICG investment fund is designed to mimic the way the wealthiest families in the world invest in US commercial real estate to grow their wealth over time.

27. Nigeria’s Xend Finance| $2m |NGC Ventures and Hashkey| private round

Nigeria’s Xend Finance, a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform for credit unions and cooperatives, has topped up its funding round to US$2 million as it announces a key partnership. The startup launched its platform publicly late last year after raising US$1.5 million in funding from investors including Binance Labs, Google Developers Launchpad, AU21 Capital, Ampifi VC, JUN Capital, TRG Capital, and Sandeep Nailwal, among others. That round has now been topped up, with additional investments from new investors, led by NGC Ventures and Hashkey, bringing the total raised in the company to US$2 million.

28. Vesper Finance|$2,5m|A195 Capital, CMT Digital and others| strategy round

Vesper Finance’s DeFi platform has raised $ 2.5 million from A195 Capital, CMT Digital, Kenetic Capital, Digital Strategies, HCM Capital, Capital6 Eagle, VeriBlock, TRG Capital and private investors

29. Dora Factory| undiscloused sum| HashKey and others| seed

Substrate-based startup Dora Factory has closed its first round of private sales led by HashKey. NGC Ventures, DFG, SNZ Holdings, AU21 Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Candaq Fintech Group, Dealean Capital, Cabin VC, LD Capital and DoraHacks Ventures also participated in this round.

30. HOPR| token sale

HOPR will hold pre-sale for testers (50m HOPR tokens will be sold for $2.5m). After that Balancer auction with 30m tokens starts.

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