Crypto Deal Flow: December 9–14

Aleksandr Cryptoved
5 min readDec 15, 2020


Let’s research activity of crypto funds, private investors and crypto startups for last 6 days. Our Radar system detected 22 deals. End of the year BOOOM!

Crypto Deal Flow: December 9–14
  1. | undisclosed sum| Chainlink| grant has received a grant from Chainlink to integrate oracles into the Tezos blockchain. The development will also facilitate cross-chain communications of the Tezos blockchain with other networks.

2. Amon | $478k| BnkToTheFuture| crowdinvesting

Amon is a cryptocurrency wallet, payment card and platform for making money. The project has already raised $478k through the BnkToTheFuture crowdfunding platform. Amon has partnered with Celsius.Network to enable users to earn passive income from their assets.

3. ETH fund from 3iQ| $75m| Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange| IPO

On December 7, we talked about the fund on ETH on the Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The launch took place, a total of $75m was raised, on the first day of trading, the turnover was $310k. Investors are not in a hurry to sell their newly purchased cryptocurrency products, have they taken it for a long time?

4. Swivel Finance| $1.15m| Multicoin Capital and others| seed

Swivel Finance is a decentralized protocol for fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives. The project raised $ 1.15m in a seed round from lead investor Multicoin Capital with participation from Electric Capital, CMS Holdings, Divergence Ventures, DeFiance Capital and private investors.

5. Partisia| $2.6m| no info| private round

Partisia, a blockchain with private and confidential aspects, raised $2.6m. The mainnet is expected to launch in 2021. We need to be careful with this news, since all social networks of the project are practically empty, and the investors of the round have not been disclosed.

6. Lukka| $15m| State Street and others| series C round

Cryptocurrency data provider Lukka raised $15m from lead investor State Street with S&P Global and It should be noted that 160 cryptocurrency hedge funds are already using the company’s services. Also, based on their data, the S&P Dow Jones Indices index (550+ crypto) will be launched.

7. TradeWindow| $1.8m| ASB bank and others| private round

TradeWindow develops SaaS blockchain solutions for supply chains. The project raised $1.8m from ASB bank with participation of Leroux and Rae family offices.

8. Yield.App| $3.4m| Alphabit Fund and others| private round

On December 7, we wrote about the DeFi token sale of the Yield.App platform. The project has now reported that it has raised an additional $3.4m from Alphabit Fund, Digital Strategies, PALCapital, Yeoman’s Capital and Chronos VC. The YLD token is already trading on exchanges at about 12 cents per token.

9. SpaceChain| $585k| EUREKA Globalstars initiative| grant

SpaceChain, a UK-based space blockchain development firm, has bypassed 13 other national applicants for a £440,000 ($585k) grant to jointly develop a decentralized satellite infrastructure. Funding was provided through the EUREKA Globalstars initiative. SpaceChain will work in partnership with Addvalue Innovation and Alba Orbital. In the summer, SpaceChain was already sending a Bitcoin transaction from space.

10. Bitwise| $120m| index fund

Bitwise launched a cryptocurrency index fund under the ticker “BITW” on the OTCQX platform. The index includes 10 cryptocurrencies: BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Chainlink, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and EOS. The fund already has $120m of assets under management.

11. Sifchain| $3.5m| NGC Ventures and others| seed

Sifchain, a DEX cross-chain on Cosmos SDK and Thorchain, has raised $3.5m from NGC Ventures, Alameda Research, AU21 Capital, Mechanism Capital, Bitscale and private investors. The launch of ETH/ERC-20 swaps will take place already this year, later Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, EOS and other networks will be connected.

12. CHAI| $60m| Hanhwa and others| series B round

CHAI, an aggregator of payment solutions (fiat and digital currencies) with its plastic cards, raised $60m from the lead investor Hanhwa with the participation of SoftBank Ventures Asia (the venture arm of SoftBank Group), SK Networks, Aarden Partners and others.

13. Fidelity Digital Assets in partnership with BlockFi| cash loans

Fidelity Digital Assets in partnership with BlockFi will allow its institutional customers to use bitcoin as collateral against cash loans (60% worth). The investment company will work closely with hedge funds, miners, OTC platforms. Globally, this will slightly ease the pressure on the market.

14. Bonfida| $444k| FTX and Bitmax| dual IEO

Bonfida is the full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana and the user. The project will hold a double IEO on crypto exchanges FTX ($227k will be raised) and Bitmax ($217k will be raised).

15. SpiderDAO, MahaDAO, Royale | $450k | Polkastarter | IDO

3 IDOs will take place on the decentralized cross-chain platform Polkastarter: December 15 — SpiderDAO (routers with built-in VPN, $100k, sale ended in 3 minutes), December 17 — MahaDAO (algorithmic coin, $50k), December 21 — Royale, rebranding from Royal Finance (DeFi for gambling operators, $300k). To participate in IDO, you need to hold 1000 POLS tokens.

16. Bridge Mutual | undisclosed sum| no info| private round

Bridge Mutual, a decentralized insurance protocol, has closed a private sale. The amount of funds raised and investors have not yet been disclosed. Interestingly, information on the discussion of DeFi and Ethereum 2.0 by representatives of three teams appeared on Twitter a little later: Bridge Mutual, Multicoin Capital, The Graph.

17. MassMutual | $100| bitcoins are bought

MassMutual, an insurance company with a portfolio of $235 billion (estimated at Q3 2020), invested $100m in bitcoin through the NYDIG digital platform and bought another 5% stake in the NYDIG platform itself. Another giant is modestly beginning to master cryptocurrencies.

18. Black Manta Capital Partners | undisclosed sum| BridgeTower Capital| strategic round

BridgeTower Capital (BTC), a leader in direct and venture digital securities, has announced an investment in Black Manta Capital Partners. BMCP is one of the first fully licensed operating specialized brokers in the European Union for digital securities. The long-awaited STOs are slowly reaching the masses.

19. Polkadot ecosystem| $5m| Huobi Inno Labs

Huobi Inno Labs announced a $5m investment in the Polkadot Ecosystem Support Fund to foster ecosystem development and financially support projects and individuals that contribute to Polkadot’s prosperity. Applications can be submitted by email:

20. DBS launches a DBS Digital Exchange

Singapore’s largest bank DBS launches a digital currency exchange, 4 cryptocurrencies will be traded at the start: BTC, ETH, XRP and Bitcoin Cash. DBS Digital Exchange will be the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange backed by a traditional bank. The platform is open to both institutional and accredited private investors. Also, STOs will be held on the exchange.

21. Prosper | undisclosed sum| Ankr| private round

Prosper is a non-custodial short-term prediction market and hedging platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. The project received an investment from Ankr, the amount of the deal was not disclosed.

22. HackDeFi | 4 winners

The HackDeFi hackathon for the Stacks blockchain from Blockstack has ended, the winners have been announced: DualX (a system of profitable deposits based on BTC and STX), ClarityDAO (a set of tools for organizing and managing a DAO), FiStack (a system for organizing regular payments and managing a database of employees), PieStack (a platform for the organization of grants and subsidies).

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